End-of-year donation rush

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The rush is on at Palmetto Goodwill as locals hurry to d rop donations off before the year's end.

"This time of year is a good time to donate and give to others," Cheryl, who lives in West Ashley, said. "Today, I was just bringing the leftovers by, but I took a bunch of boxes earlier. "

The last days of December are especially busy as people clean out and organize, according to Kaley Briesmaster, public relations officer for Palmetto Goodwill.

"We get donations before but then people they get new stuff for the holiday and don't have anywhere to put it so they bring their stuff in," Briesmaster said.

Plus, the donations tend to increase at the end of the year as tax deadlines near.  

"December 31 is the last day to get a [deduction] on your taxes for donations to a charity," Briesmaster said, "So people are trying to get that in, too."

Palmetto Goodwill serves 18 counties in lower South Carolina. According to the organization, 0.90 cents of every dollar made goes straight back to the community via job training and job placement.

"We take the donations, we sell them in our stores and proceeds turn back around," Briesmaster said "Just helping people right here in our community get back on their feet, get a better job, advance their life and get a better paycheck to bring back for their family."

Palmetto Goodwill also sees an uptick in shopping in retail stores over the holiday.

"We see a lot of donations this time of year, and we actually see a lot of shopping. It's actually a really good time to shop because we are really heavy on donations. We only have so much room and we've got to get everything out here and there's constantly stuff coming in"

Tri-county d rop off locations can be found here:

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