Judge denies motion to delay Roof competency hearing

Judge denies motion to delay Roof competency hearing

A federal judge denied a request for a delay in the second competency hearing scheduled for convicted Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, calling it "unnecessary."

Dylann Roof's standby counsel asked for the hearing scheduled for Monday to be pushed back one week. According to court records, attorneys said the delay was so they could review the results of Roof's mental health evaluation, which is scheduled for the New Year's holiday weekend.

This is the second time an evaluation will be conducted. The defense attorneys argue that "new facts" have emerged since the last evaluation, which pushed the start of the trial back by a week in November.

The court said it doesn't intend to redo the first competency hearing, and that it will limit any evidence discussed Monday to new things that have happened since the last competency hearing.

"Preparation should not be particularly arduous," Judge Richard Gergel said.

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