Police release man arrested in Stono Park neighborhood home burglary

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Police are releasing the 25-year-old man arrested and charged with first-degree burglary after a foot chase in the Stono Park neighborhood Thursday.

Nigerre Fortrez Scott, who faced the burglary charge, is being released after detectives developed information during their ongoing investigation that exonerates him of the charge, Police spokesman Charles Francis said.

He was arrested in connection to a burglary at a home on Wappoo Road after running when police who were responding to the reported burglary approached him. Police said the burglary victim had positively identified him.

But police say Scott provided several reasons for being in the neighborhood at the time of the burglary and eventually told detectives he was there to deliver narcotics to a resident who lived in the neighborhood and said he ran when police approached him because he did not want to be arrested for possessing narcotics, Francis said.

Detectives reviewed video found in the area and spoke with another witness and were able to validate Scott's story about being in the neighborhood to deliver narcotics, Francis said. The video showed Scott walking into the neighborhood shortly after the burglary was reported, but he was several blocks away from the victim's home, police say.

Prior to Thursday's burglary, the most recent two happened Tuesday.

Police said many of the homes that have been hit are located near the West Ashley Greenway, which could give burglars easy access to the homes and a quick getaway.

Most of the burglaries occurred during the day. Police said on Wednesday they had stepped up their patrols in Stono Park.

The investigation into the Wappoo Road burglary and nine others in the area continues.

Anyone with information can call 843-743-7200 and ask for the on-duty CPD detective.

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