CHAMPIONSHIP REMATCH: Tampa has turned into fan central

TAMPA, FL (WCSC) - Almost anywhere you look, there's something to do for the thousands of fans who have made their way to Tampa. One of the most prominent — Playoff Fan Central.

Playoff officials transformed the Tampa Convention Center into a place fans can be a part of the College Football Playoff National Championship experience.

Those attending will see participating institutions' bands, cheerleaders and mascots and mini pep rallies for each participating team. There are dozens of activities including interactive games (like trying to score a field goal), sponsor activities (like dance-offs), special guest appearances and exhibits celebrating college football.

It's also a family-friendly event – so anyone is welcome to go! Fans I spoke with say they loved the idea of allowing them to really get into the "football spirit" by having all sorts of games. They also appreciated the National Championship experience went far beyond just the game itself.

Playoff Fan Central takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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