CHAMPIONSHIP REMATCH: Fan excitement is contagious as we get closer to game day

The Clemson football team arrives in Tampa Friday. (Source: Live 5)
The Clemson football team arrives in Tampa Friday. (Source: Live 5)

TAMPA, FL (WCSC) - Both Clemson and Alabama fans have been getting an experience of a lifetime in Tampa.

There have been multiple events leading up to kickoff Monday. There's everything from concerts to Playoff Fan Central going on each day. But on Saturday was something special – media day. And fans got the chance to see it first-hand.
Fans were able to listen in with personal radios to the players and staff talking about their goals for the National Championship game.
Ashley Lambert, a student at Clemson University, says she's expecting, "Good offense and good defense. All around a really, really good game needs to be played. No interceptions, no fumbles – nothing like that. A good solid game across the board."
All fans are hoping for a good game and preparing to cheer their team to the top. And they practiced today, both echoing the chants of their respective team. And it didn't matter which color they were wearing – the excitement was contagious.
Frank Buehler, from Tampa, says he went to media day to see Alabama's enthusiasm and that they're ready for the game. Wes Tanksley, from Sanford, FL, says he wanted to see what the Clemson team was looking forward to the most. He hoped the Tigers didn't give up any game plan strategy – just showed their excitement of being in the National Championship.
All fans our Michal Higdon spoke with say they were enjoying themselves and the events are getting them hyped for the game. Sunday is another jam packed day with Fan Central beginning at noon.

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