Clemson fans hoping for championship win in Tampa

Clemson fans hoping for championship win in Tampa

TAMPA, FL (WCSC) - We are less than 24 hours until kickoff at the National Championship in Tampa.

One fan says he's been waiting for this moment a very long time.

Everyone has a story about how they became a sports fan. For Tiger fans, it's something special.

"It's been tough. Our last National Championship game was in 1981, when we won. We were there last year. I've never seen a National Championship win in my lifetime," says Cary Truett.

He and his family have been going to Clemson games for years. And he hopes this year is the one.

"It's a fun, exciting time for fans of both teams, so really looking forward to it."

He says the biggest thing he's worried about, however, is turnovers.

"That's been our Achilles heel – we cannot turn the ball over. If we turn the ball over we're giving the advantage to Alabama. We're due for at least one turnover but anything more than one is going to be detrimental to us."

And while Cary is looking forward to the game – he took a trip down memory lane to talk about his favorite part about being a Tiger.

"The hill is the most exciting 15-20 seconds in college football. It just gives you chills when you see them coming down the hill."

He says that feeling is hard to duplicate and he's not sure if it'll be the same during the National Championship game.

But, he says, it'll be an experience of a lifetime.

"These guys are fired up. These guys are hungry. The guys are eager. They're ready to roll and they're ready to beat Bama this year. They're ready to roll the tide," says Cary.

His final score prediction?

"31-21 Clemson. We win by 10."

And that's the sentiment echoed by every Clemson fan – they hope to get the "W" because they are "all in."

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