Para-commandos prepare for big jump to deliver flags to Clemson-Alabama game

TAMPA, FL (WCSC) - Before Monday night's National Championship game kickoff, a special group will swoop down to deliver the teams' flags and the American flag.

U.S. Special Operations Command Para-Commandos will jump from an airplane, carrying flags for the Clemson Tigers, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the United States, as well as special game balls into Tampa's Raymond James Stadium.

"I've done it before when I was 1,000 feet above the stadium and I couldn't hear the radio right here in my chest because the stadium was so loud," MSG Kyle Margelofsky, who will bring in the Clemson flag, said.

That's the kind of atmosphere these para-commandos are prepping for Monday night in the National Championship game.

"It's a big one for us," Christiansen said. "It's great for our team, great publicity for our unit and everybody that we do this for."

"It's pretty humbling and it's a great honor to represent the Command, the individuals that are out there doing it on a daily basis, by showcasing one of our insertion techniques to our bosses, the American taxpayers,"

Gearing up for something like this takes a lot, but when the guys are finally falling, it's an unbelievable experience.

"It is a great feeling," Christiansen said. "You're up there...we've got a great view here in Tampa. You've got bays and everything like that. But you're coming down and see everyone in the stadium, packed can get to you a little bit. Our job is to try to concentrate on what we're doing."

The team makes nearly 200 jumps per year including participation in all sorts of sporting events as well as air shows.

But it is this stadium jump, they say, that is the most dangerous one they do because of the obstacles they must dodge.

The wind speed will be key, however. The Para-Commandos' jump will be in jeopardy if the wind speed is 13 mph or greater.

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