Mother Emanuel Bible study focuses on peace, night of Roof sentencing

Mother Emanuel Bible study focuses on peace, night of Roof sentencing

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "The tone tonight at Bible study was one of, I guess peace would be a good word," said Mother Emanuel AME Rev. Eric S. Manning.

Manning said Wednesday night's Bible study falling on the same night as the official sentencing for Emanuel Church shooter Dylann Roof is not a coincidence.

"That's just God's providence. That's just God," Manning said.

He said tonight they focused on Bible study, but the topics of what happened in court during the day did come up, but in a way that related to what they had planned to talk about.

"It was on my mind as well as a lot of other people's minds. So we did talk about it in the confines of Romans chapter two dealing with judgment, dealing with forgiveness, dealing with love, dealing with God's grace and God's mercy," Manning said.

Despite this being a hard time for the church that lost nine of their members to the church shooter, Manning said for him he has been able to keep his strength through it all because of God.

"I had asked God before how much can I endure and he shared with me I will have enough to endure. Early this morning about three in the morning I reached past that break and God replenished my strength. So today we were all smiles, we were ready to go because God has promised what he said he would do," Manning said.

The Emanuel Pastor said now that the sentencing has been done, the church will continue to grow together.

"As we grow stronger, we don't forget but we just continue to allow God's grace and mercy to grow within us."

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