Teenager kidnapped as newborn opens up about ordeal

Manigo. (Source: CBS News)
Manigo. (Source: CBS News)

COLUMBIA, SC (CBS NEWS) - Growing up, Alexis Manigo had no idea the woman who raised her, Gloria Williams, would be arrested for allegedly dressing up as a nurse and kidnapping her from the hospital 18 years ago.

"I have no hate towards her. I love her," Manigo told CBS News."When you have lived the life I have, when you have been loved the way I have, you'll understand why."

That was clear when she saw Williams at a court hearing and sobbed.

"It was hard, it was very hard," Mangio said.

Today in Jacksonville, a judge denied Williams' bond.

Authorities say her story began to unravel when some of Alexis' documents appeared to be fake.

The parents who last saw her as newborn Kamiya Mobley, Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken, reunited with her this weekend.

She assured them that despite how her life began, and that the person she calls mother is behind bars, the last 18 years have been good ones.

"I love all the memories we did have, that's what keeps me going with her," Manigo said.

When asked about the memories her biological family didn't have, Manigo said,"I'm definitely remorseful for that and I plan on giving them memories from here on out."

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