CCSD Board discusses changes for next school year

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School Board is making changes to its academic calendar plans for next year after hearing parent feedback. 

Some parents were upset about the start and end dates, a week later than last year. 

The district can change the end date for school however it doesn't have much control over the start date. According to state law, schools can't start before the third Monday in August.

The start date is set for August 22 a Tuesday, that Monday the state is expecting a solar eclipse. District officials don't want to have children in school that day, as it could be a distraction. 

In Monday nights school board meeting board members said a committee will create new calendar options parents can choose from. Their goal is to make the last day of school sooner than the second week of June. 

Board chair, Kate Darby says after hearing from parents they want to come up with additional options. 

"The feedback we got from the parents was can we tweak things and get out of school the first week in June," Darby said. "I think the committee will be able to accomplish that, be able to meet the needs academically which is our number one
focus and meet the needs of family as they plan for the year."

The Charleston County School Board is also moving forward with a new admission policy for Academic Magnet High School. Tonight the board voted 7-0 in favor of a policy that they hope will bring more diversity.

With the new protocol the district will extend an invitation to the top two highest ranking eighth grade students from each Charleston County School to apply for a seat at Academic Magnet. 

The student must meet the current admissions criteria by scoring a 13 or higher. If the student does they will be offered a seat for the next school year. 

The new policy indicates these students would be added to the 150 identified through the current application process. The district will also a allow the top two ranking students to apply even if they don't apply during the initial open application period.

The application is open now. 

A board member says in past years students would apply and meet the criteria, but he or she might not be accepted because students not already within the Charleston County School District might score higher. 

With this new policy their hoping to give students an opportunity who might not have applied or those who might not have been accepted. 

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