Mt. Pleasant hospital can't locate camera used to photograph newborns

Mt. Pleasant hospital can't locate camera used to photograph newborns

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Roper Saint Francis officials say that a camera used for infant security protocols could not be located at their Mount Pleasant location.

Officials say they discovered it was missing on Dec.1, 2016 after a staff member went to retrieve the camera from its secured location and noticed it was no longer there.

The camera's memory card might have contained photos of newborns born between November 2015 and November 2016 according to Roper Saint Francis spokesperson Andy Lyons.

The card also might have photos of those newborns' crib cards. The information included newborns' photographs, last names only, dates of birth and providers' names.

No other personal identifiers were included, Lyons said

Officials say the hospital followed Center for Missing and Exploited Children protocol by taking the photos, which only were to be used only in a security incident.

As of this time, Roper Saint Francis has no indication, evidence or reason to believe that the information has been improperly accessed, acquired or misused, Lyons said.

Roper Saint Francis officials say they have enhanced their measures to protect cameras, including policies and procedures regarding proper use, disclosure, and storage of patient information.

This matter is still under investigation. a security incident report was filed with Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital Security.

Police are not involved, Lyons said.

Roper Saint Francis officials say notification letters were mailed on Jan. 24, 2017 to those who were affected by this incident.

If anyone has been affected but did not receive a letter, officials say to contact Roper St. Francis Contact Center 843-402-2273 or toll-free at 800-833-2273.

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