Credit card skimmer found on West Ashley gas pump

Credit card skimmer found on West Ashley gas pump

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say a credit card skimmer was found on a West Ashley gas pump last week.

According to an incident report, the owner of the Northbridge Exxon Service Station on Sam Rittenburg was investigating Monday, Jan. 16 after receiving several customer complaints that pump number seven was not reading their credit cards.

He observed that the inside of store wasn't getting the necessary information after using his own credit card and found a skimmer with the help of technical support agents around 11 a.m., the report states.

Skimmers are known to collect credit card and pin numbers.

The incident report says the last transaction made without a skimmer at the pump was Saturday, Jan. 14 at 9:22 p.m.

Officers put the skimmer into evidence for an investigation.


  • Obvious signs of tampering
  • A different color or material or graphics that aren’t aligned properly.
  • Does the card reader move or come off? If so, there is a high chance there’s a skimming device.
  • A hidden camera. Customers should cover the keypad when entering their PIN number since criminals need both the card number and PIN to take money away from the account.

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