Report: Man uses samurai sword to attack couple then visits neighbor

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have arrested a man accused of stabbing a couple with a samurai sword then visiting a neighbor on Daniel Island with the weapon in hand.

Detectives with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office and members of the U.S. Marshals Task Force located and arrested 27-year-old John Michael Juba at a home on Isle of Palms on Wednesday.

BCSO officials say Juba of Wilmington, NC was being sought on an active arrest warrant for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

His arrest stems from an incident on Dec. 5, 2016 when deputies responded to a home on Berkshire Drive.

Investigators say a woman and her husband visited the home to purchase items that were listed on the "OfferUp" app when the suspect attacked the couple.

Some time later, a neighbor reported that a man was holding a samurai sword "dripping with blood" and knocking on his door.

The female victim spoke to deputies following the incident and said the seller of the merchandise was accompanied by the suspect who was sitting in the corner of a room, playing with a samurai sword.

She stated at one point a loud "altercation" began inside the home, and she attempted to run out.

A report states as she was leaving, she felt a "searing pain in her back thigh" and realized she had been stabbed. The woman says she ran to her car and fled the scene.

Deputies say they saw blood on the victim's left hand, and her leg had been bandaged by medical crews.

The seller told deputies that the victim and a male subject arrived at his home to purchase items that were listed on the "OfferUp" phone app.

According to the seller, when the male subject went to pick something up off the floor, the suspect charged the subject and stabbed him in the abdomen with the sword.

The seller said when the female victim began to flee towards the door, the suspect stabbed her in the rear of her left thigh with the sword.

After the deputy spoke to the female victim, he received information regarding a suspicious man knocking on the front door of a home on Ashmont Drive.

The caller stated a male subject was on his front porch carrying a sword that "was dripping blood," and he was smoking a cigar. According to the caller, the suspect was asking him if he could go to his back porch and use drugs.

The caller reported that he immediately shut the door and called police.

The deputy then received a call from the victim saying she had received a call from an unknown number and was told that the suspect's name was John Michael.

When deputies responded to the Ashmont Drive home they located a partially smoked cigar and a fully smoked cigar.

Authorities reported a "noticeable" amount of blood on the front porch. A report states that the blood appeared to be fresh, leading deputies to believe it could have come from an injury from the suspect.

Dispatch officials received a report at 8:15 p.m. from a man who reported that he and his wife had been stabbed at the home on Berkshire Drive.

A BCSO report states the man originally said his name was James, and later changed his name to Corey.

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