North Charleston's Mayor Summey gives annual State of the City address

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Mayor Keith Summey gave his annual state of the city address during a North Charleston City Council meeting Thursday night.

The mayor highlighted accomplishments the city made in 2016 as well as the past 22 years he has served as mayor.

Some of the accomplishments made over the 2016 calendar include furthering plans for a new Coliseum parking deck, two senior living facilities, a three-gym complex for events that will be one of the nicest in the state and additional housing and recreational facilities.

Summey also considers Park Circle an accomplishment made over several years.

"Park Circle is really one of the strong points — the silver lining in all we have going," Summey said. "It's the prime example of what can happen in a neighborhood."

Summey says Park Circle has been a model for other communities and has become one of the area's most diverse neighborhoods. He never thought he would see Park Circle homes selling for $400,000, and that is a huge accomplishment for growth in that area, he says.

You can watch the full state of the city address below:

Goals for 2017

Looking into 2017, Summey wants to focus on affordable housing and raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Summey also said he hopes to enhance the image of law enforcement and plans to shine a spotlight on local agencies in Thursday night's address.

The mayor says 2016 has been a year of recovery for North Charleston, with the murder trial of former officer Michael Slager, who shot and killed Walter Scott during a traffic stop in 2015. While a retrial is scheduled for mid-2017, Summey says the city will continue to move forward.

"We have an excellent police agency, in any organization there's gonna be people that mess up," Summey said. "And we deal with it, that's our
role. That's what we have to do."

Summey said there's a lot of good in the police department and plans to the police department focus on community policing this year.

The State of the City address was streamed by the City Council. The meeting began at the North Charleston City Council chambers.
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