Community rallying to clean Filbin Creek

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - A group of North Charleston residents are working to rally people together to beautify their community. They say Filbin Creek is a forgotten treasure that is wasting away.

Filbin Creek stretches across North Charleston along Interstate 526.

"A lot of the rivers in streams in the Charleston area have gotten a lot of attention but Filbin has been forgotten," William Parker, who lives near the Creek, said. He believes this particular watershed is in desperate need of attention.

Another neighboring resident, David Libbons, said the creek has progressively gotten worse.

"We moved here in '07 and, since then, have seen this steady progression of this watershed continue to be filled up with trash and debris," Libbons said. "Some of it's construction debris, some of it's just from flooding and hurricanes."

SR "Drink bottles, beer cans, deflated basketballs, even oil canisters. These are just some of the many things that you see littered throughout Filbin Creek."

"We see all sorts of trash here," Parker said, while pointing to a pile of junk. "One of the bigger issues we're seeing here are railroad ties."

Libbons said, while kayaking in the area, he saw a direct effect of this trash.

"We came across a great egret, which is this big, white marsh bird, that had hung itself in a tree on some litter," Libbons said. "That, to me, was what sparked my interest in what can be done around here, aside from telling people to come pick up after yourself, which is what we always hear."

Williams and Libbons met through a Facebook group, Filbin Friends, that is dedicated to beautifying the area.

"Filbin Friends is one of those social media initiatives that we've been very lucky to get people to come to that actually care about the ecosystem," Parker said.

"It's a Facebook group that's here to do something about all of the trash that's clogging up what is and should be a really vibrant, healthy watershed," Libbons added.

Group members hope their efforts will spark more action from higher-ups.

"I'd like to see a push by the city government, as well as DHEC," Parker said. "We've got to get Filbin Creek unclogged."

The next community clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, February 11 at 10 a.m.. For more details, visit this website.