Police urge parents to watch what kids see on TV, online after 'harm list' found at school

Charleston Police are urging parents to take a more active role in monitoring what their children watch on television and on the internet.

The warning comes after police determined there was no genuine threat from two 10-year-old girls they say made lists of students they wished to harm.

Police responded Friday to Stiles Elementary School to investigate "indirect threats made by two 10-year-old female students," police spokesman Charles Francis said.

The girls were in an after-school program Thursday when they each made a list of fellow students they wanted to harm, including each other, he said.

One of their classmates saw one of the lists Friday morning and notified a teacher, who, in turn, told the principal.

"The girls told school administrators, their parents and police investigators, the lists were made as a joke," Francis said. "They got the idea from movies they had seen and from the Internet."

No charges were filed because investigators determined they did not mean to actually harm anyone.

"This is an example of why parents should carefully monitor their children's television viewing and Internet usage," Francis said. "Parental controls for cable and satellite viewing can limit what children are exposed to."

Police say parents should also limit the number of hours their children watch television and the amount of time they spend online.

Police also recommend watchdog apps that are available to parents and guardians to monitor what kids view online. The apps notify parents what they're children are sharing and viewing on social media.

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