Lowcountry Muslim community reacts to travel ban

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Protests across the country voicing opposition to President Trump's travel ban are hitting home with the Muslim community in Charleston

For some, the protests are an encouraging sign of support.

"I see people are protesting, saying refugees are welcome, and this is what democracy looks like," Aisha Miller of North Charleston said. "It touches my heart."

Miller attends Central Mosque in downtown Charleston on King Street, among other local mosques. She said she's heartened by the outpouring of support, but nevertheless worried by the President's order temporarily banning people from seven primarily Muslim countries.

"I think that the President was pretty clear all throughout his campaign that this was something he wanted to work on, some kind of Muslim or some type of refugee ban," Miller said.

In a tweet, President Trump says only about one hundred people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning. Yet, Miller is not reassured and worried over repercussions of the executive order.

"As soon as the government starts criminalizing some type of people, that can escalate quickly and can lead to war or death," Miller said, though she added she feels safe in the Charleston community.

For cardiologist and longtime Charleston local Dr. Ghazala Javed, the primary concern is detainees stuck in limbo, like Clemson graduate Nazanin Zinouri.

"That is my biggest concern at this point, that education should not be interrupted," Javed said.

Javed said Sunday's deadly shooting at a mosque in Quebec was upsetting yet the community, including local faith leaders, has been supportive.

"As an American citizen, we're all very concerned that American need not go a step backward but continuing moving forward especially for our children here," Javed said.

President Trump maintains this is not a Muslim ban or about religion, but keeping our country safe. The president says the US will be issuing visas again to all countries once policies are reviewed and implemented over the next three months.

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