Locals protest President Trump's Cabinet Picks

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - People are protesting President Donald Trump's Cabinet picks across the state ahead of Tuesday's senate confirmation hearing.

The protesters gathered Monday evening outside of Senator Lindsey Graham's local office in Mount Pleasant. They're against the president's picks for Attorney General and Secretary of Education.

Though Senator Lindsey Graham's offices were closed, they wanted to get their message out in the open.

A state coordinator for the Women's March on Washington -South Carolina, Hayne Beattie-Gray helped organize the event.

"They want to be here they want to be impactful and they want to have their voices heard,"  Beattie-Gray said.

They're asking Senator Graham to deny the confirmation for U.S. Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions.

"I think a man who was not approved to be a federal judge over 30 years ago raised an immediate red flag," Beattie-Gray said.

Sessions is an Alabama Senator.

Protestor Scott Peeples says Sessions is not his ideal nominee.

"I'm concerned about the racists comments that he's made in the past and I'm concerned about having an Attorney General  who does not stand up for human rights." Peeples said.

Many are also in opposition to Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos who is known for her advocacy of school choice and voucher programs.

Protestor Marilyn Pease is concerned.

"She seems to have no public education experience, whatsoever, never attended one," Pease said. "She's awfully in favor of charter schools which can be good, but you hear a lot of bad things about charter schools they're not living up to their promise."

On Monday people rallied at six of Graham's offices across the state. After Senator Graham criticized Trump's travel ban some were hopeful that he would publicly disapprove of the cabinet picks.

Another state coordinator for the Women's March on Washington - South Carolina, Tamika Gadsden says the protests and activism won't end today.

"I know that we can't win every battle we forge, but what we are hoping is that every protest every rally every postcard session leads to progress," Gadsden said. "We have to move forward, staying home and being silent is not an option.

Senator Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott have released statements saying that they both support Sessions and DeVos as nominations picks.

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