'Are You Okay?' program helps save Goose Creek man's life

Jeuel Seal, who is part of the program, says officers responded after he didn't answer his phone as part of the program (Source: Live 5)
Jeuel Seal, who is part of the program, says officers responded after he didn't answer his phone as part of the program (Source: Live 5)

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A daily phone call by police is what contributed to saving the life of a Goose Creek homeowner earlier this month.

On January 11 Jeuel Seal was rushed to the hospital after police found him incapacitated at his home requiring medical attention, according to Goose Creek Police Chief Harvey Becker.

Police were notified through the department's "Are You Okay" program established several years ago.

"Good morning Mr. Seal… this is the Goose Creek Police Department calling with the Are You Okay program," said a dispatcher Tuesday morning. "Just calling to check on you today."

"Over the years we've had upwards of a dozen," said Crime Prevention Specialist Kevin Scott with GCPD. "Right now I think we're down to the single digits."

"My wife and I were the first two on the list," Seal said. "And I've been on the list ever since."

Every day employees in the communications center calls resident's homes to check in on them.

Seal said he looks forward to his phone call every morning at 8:00.

"I always ask them, how are you?" he said. "I'm doing fine. Couldn't do better. I'm just really doing great. The dog and I are really having a great time."

Earlier this month though Seal had a bit of a scare.

"When a person on the call list could not get to the telephone a police officer [is] dispatched to the home," Chief Becker said.

"We called him twice, got no response," Scott said. "We sent one of our units over. When he made contact with them he was really disorientated."

"I was so mixed up I didn't know where I was," Seal said. "I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know what I had to do, or supposed to do."

Seal was taken to the hospital, and today is doing much better. When asked if he thinks the program saved his life, Seal responded, "Absolutely they saved my life! Yes, sir!"

Now Seal is urging others to consider signing up.

"It's a marvelous program," he said.

"It's nice to be able to offer another service for the citizens, especially the senior citizens, where we might be the only phone call they get that day," Scott added.

To take part, residents must either be over the age of 65, or have a mental or physical condition that puts them at risk. They also have to live within the Goose Creek city limits. If they meet this criteria, residents can sign up for the program, which is free.

To sign up for the Citizen Check-In Program call the Goose Creek Police Department at (843) 863-5200.

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