Wanted: Duo attempts to use $1k worth of counterfeit money at gas station

Wanted: Duo attempts to use $1k worth of counterfeit money at gas station

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Officers are searching for two men who they say attempted to use $1,000 worth of counterfeit money at a Goose Creek gas station.

The Goose Creek Police Department released surveillance pictures of the incident which happened on Jan. 29 at the Speedway on 945 College Park Road where the suspects attempted to pass $1,010 in counterfeit currency.

If you have any information on the two subjects you are asked to call Inv. Hammonds at the Goose Creek Police Department at 843-863-5200, extension 2313, reference OCA 2017-0476.

The investigation began on the afternoon of Jan. 29 when officers responded to the Speedway for a report of a fraud.

Police say one of the suspects made a purchase with money that was not used with counterfeit money.

According to an employee, the same man then asked to purchase a money order for $1000.

The employee said the man handed the money face down to the employee who noticed that the money looked fake, but she attempted to put the cash in the money order machine.

The machine then ejected the money and indicated it was counterfeit.

After being told it was counterfeit, the suspect then acted "weird" and seemed unconcerned that the money was counterfeit, according to the employee.

Authorities say the suspect then took the counterfeit money and left.

Witnesses describe the suspect as a black male, mid to late 20s, 6-foot tall, wearing a black jacket or shirt and a black hat with a sports team logo on the front.

The other suspect is described as a black male, 6-foot tall, wearing dark clothing and having twists in his hair.

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