TAKE A STAND: Boeing Union Vote

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - On Feb. 15, about 3,000 production workers at Boeing South Carolina will decide whether to unionize.

The International Association of Machinists says a union will mean higher wages and more money for the local economy.

The company says a union will force undue financial burden and take away employees' voices.

Boeing is one of the largest employers in the state and estimates are Boeing pumps $11 billion into the Charleston-area economy. South Carolina has a right-to-work law that prohibits mandatory union membership and our state has the nation's lowest percentage of unionized workers at just over two percent.

A recent Gallup poll found just over 50 percent believe labor unions help the U.S. economy, but just like political parties, the opinions are split.

That shouldn't be a surprise. When large companies are forced to unionize, they can be saddled with additional debt and expense in an increasingly difficult and competitive global marketplace.

For employees, the uncertainty of job security may be why there is growing support this time around. Both sides should carefully consider all facts in making a decision.

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