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Psychologist tried to get Dylann Roof help months before massacre

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A local retired psychologist tried to get the Emanuel AME Church shooter professional help in the months before the 2015 massacre in downtown Charleston.

The revelation comes after Judge Richard Gergel unsealed more than 200 documents from Roof’s federal death penalty trial. 

In a motion filed in December by Roof’s lawyers regarding defense evidence, the lawyers note they may present a retired local child psychologist as a witness. 

The psychologist had internet communication with Roof in February of 2015 – four months before Roof killed nine black parishioners at Mother Emanuel.

According to the motion, the psychologist responded to a Craiglist ad written by Roof. 

In the ad, Roof wanted someone to accompany him to Charleston for an historical tour, but “no Jews, queers, or n------.“

The psychologist then reached out to Roof regarding his prejudices. 

To help expand his viewpoints, the psychologist offered to pay Roof 25 cents for every TED talk he viewed online. 

Roof thanked the man, but said his depression prevented him from getting out of bed.

According to the motion, the psychologist then contacted a professional colleague in Columbia to meet Roof over lunch. 

Roof did not write back.

A jury sentenced Roof to death last month following his conviction on 33 federal charges. 

The defense did not present any witnesses during the trial.

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