Residents hope home surveillance video will solve attempted car break-ins

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Residents of a James Island neighborhood are hoping home surveillance video will solve some attempted car break-ins.

The break-ins occurred in the past week in Bayview Farms on James Island.

The first attempt happened on Jan. 29.

The video shows two suspects tugging on car door handles in a driveway across the street and then they try the same thing at the house with the camera before walking away.

"It's too bad that they start a life of crime so early," resident Layne Wilkerson said.

This past weekend, the same house was targeted again.

The video from Friday shows two different suspects tugging on the car doors and then leaving. Then on Saturday, it appears the same suspects from the first attempted break in return and again find the car doors locked.

Bayview Farms resident Elizabeth Reed, who says she leaves her car locked, watched the footage.

"Well, I was disgusted. Where are their parents, why are children running around helter skelter like this?" Reed said.

Resident Buffi Wade also keeps her's locked, but she believes the suspects may rummaged through the tool box on her truck.

Wade has also seen the surveillance video.

"It's awful, it's awful and I've raised two children and they knew. I knew where my children were at four or five in o'clock in the morning," Wade said.

"It's a little unsettling to know that someone could be in your yard that close to your family while you're asleep at night no matter what age you are."

Charleston Police say they've only received one report of a successful break-in and in that case, the car was unlocked.

Folks we spoke with are applauding their neighbor for catching the apparent culprits on camera.

"It's a sad world," Reed said.

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