Multiple students cited after three altercations at Ashley Ridge High School

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Multiple students were cited for disturbing schools after three separate fights broke out Friday at Ashley Ridge High School, according to incident reports.

In one of the fights, two male students, an 18-year-old and a juvenile, were cited for disturbing schools, according to an incident report.

In a second incident, three 17-year-old female students were cited for disturbing schools, the report states. One of the teens and a male juvenile had to be restrained with handcuffs because they tried to get to other students to fight, deputies say. Two juveniles were released to their parents, deputies say.

In a third incident, a juvenile told deputies she had been jumped by three other students. The victim's mother told deputies she wanted to press charges. The victim also said a school employee had slammed her to the ground at some point during the altercation, the report states. The victim's mother told deputies footage of the incident was already being broadcast on social media and played it for the deputy, stating she wished to press charges against the employee, the report states.

The investigation is ongoing, the report states.

DD2 notified parents of altercations Friday night

Officials with Dorchester District Two confirmed to parents Friday night via email two separate fights broke out at Ashley Ridge High School:

"Today during [Independent Learning Time], we had two groups of students engage in two different physical altercations.  Due to the disruption, ILT was abbreviated, and all students were sent to sixth period.  Students who were not afforded the time to get lunch were given an opportunity to receive lunch at the end of sixth period.  As always, our first priority is the safety of our students and staff members."

DD2 spokesperson Pat Raynor said the incidents were addressed very quickly and said no one was injured.

"The students have been dealt with according to the appropriate discipline," Raynor said.

There was a third incident later in the afternoon in the bus loop because of some kind of social media posting, she said.

"Faculty members were out there and the SRO was able to break it up quickly," she said. "Those students involved in the third incident have also been dealt with in according to the appropriate discipline."

The students have been suspended from school, she said, but incident reports were filed with the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office and it is not yet clear whether criminal charges may be filed.

Multiple parents have voiced their concerns over the fights on Friday.

"I'm very concerned. I'm concerned to hear from my daughter that these kids have been involved in multiple fights and they're still in school. I'm concerned at the lack of adult interaction," says one mother whose daughter goes to ARHS.

Other parents have expressed similar concerns.

Raynor praised Ashley Ridge Principal Karen Radcliffe and said Radcliffe has made a few adjustments in the lunch period to add more structure.

A parent claimed that as of Monday, teachers were letting the students out during lunch at different times to reduce the number of students in the cafeteria at one time.

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