Donald Trump's N. Charleston property will not get cleanup contract

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control says it will not enter into a Voluntary Cleanup Contract with DB Pace, a company connected to President Donald Trump.

DB Pace Acquisition, LLC owns the site on Pace Street in North Charleston.

The site was contaminated by operations of a former owner of the site, Lockheed Martin, according to DHEC.

In a letter to DB Pace today, the Manager of the Brownsfields and Drycleaning Program said, "The Department requested that DB Pace provide additional information by Friday, February 3, 2017, to be considered in reaching a decision whether to enter into the Voluntary Cleanup Contract. We have been informed DB Pace will not be providing the requested additional information for our consideration. Therefore, the Department has made the decision not to enter into the Voluntary Cleanup Contract."

DHEC developed a site specifically addressing this property.
A national story about the property went viral last month, but it wasn't entirely accurate.

It implied President Trump's son's company contributed to the site's contamination. The state does not believe that's true.

Still, many people expressed concern about who would pay for the site's cleanup now.

"Lockheed Martin, not taxpayers, has been responsible for cleaning up this site under a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Post-Closure Permit since 1993 for the contamination attributable to Lockheed Martin. A person who wants to purchase a property with known or suspected prior contamination, can get liability protection for those previous releases from the state via a VCC provided they make it safe for a future use and they meet the criteria for being a Non-Responsible Party. Subsequent owners would still be responsible for any contamination they caused or allowed," DHEC's website explains.
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