Darius Rucker surprises MUSC Children's Hospital


Darius Rucker stopped by MUSC's Children's Hospital Wednesday afternoon. He unveiled the new Teen Lounge in the hospital's Atrium.

It is all part of a special documentary being filmed by Ram Trucks and CMT. The docu-series is called Hometown Heroes. It follows three artists as they head back to their roots and give back to the community.

”We’re so grateful that Darius Rucker chose MUSC Children's Hospital for his ‘Hometown Hero’ award," MUSC executive nursing director Robin Mutz said.
Rucker delivered a special surprise to the teens at the hospital. He gave an extreme makeover to their lounge area.
”A lot of electronics that weren’t there before, a lot of new art supplies, comfortable storage space, big storage space and just a cool place for kids to hang out,” Mutz said.

”I was ready to try out everything in there,” MUSC teenage patient Sylvia Watkins said. She explained it is a huge improvement for the hospital. ”It’s way better than it was. Before there were a few crafty things but now you can spend a lot of time here and get out of your hospital room and just have some fun.”

Watkins has been with MUSC’s Children’s Hospital for years.
”When I was younger, I had Wilms Tumor in my left kidney and then when I was 10 I had a kidney transplant," Watkins explained. "My mom gave me one of her kidneys and they removed my old kidney.”
"There’s so much going on anytime a child is hospitalized," Mutz said. "It’s just really nice to know that they have a place to go that is really dedicated to them.”
Aside from the unveiling and ribbon cutting ceremony, Rucker performed an impromptu, four song concert for the kids.
”Even though a lot of us are really sick, we can still have a lot of fun,” Watkins said.
”We’re just so grateful for this gift,” Mutz concluded.
CMT and Ram Trucks have not set a release date for their docu-series at this time.