SLED investigating threatening newspaper clipping sent to Cottageville police chief

COTTAGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - State law enforcement division agents are investigating what is being called a threatening newspaper clipping sent to Cottageville's police chief.

The headline read 'He's trained to kill' referring to the man responsible for last year's murders of several Dallas police officers.

The anonymous envelope was sent to Cottageville Town Hall back in July and was made public just this week at a town council meeting.

The envelope was addressed to the police chief. It was opened by Chief Jeffery Cook.

"Opened it up and it was a newspaper clipping," Cook said Thursday. "Just the newspaper clipping, nothing else was written, no signatures, no nothing."

Cook considered the newspaper clipping a threat and he brought it to the attention of the town's mayor.

"We know as a little town that's things bad can happen in a little small town," Mayor Tim Grimsley said.

Both the chief and mayor decided to contact the State Law Enforcement Division.

SLED got on the case.

"This was right after the Dallas killings and the killings there and Baton Rouge and I felt like my officers were in danger, so that's why I called SLED to let them handle it," Cook said.

The mayor took things one step further.

Before the threat the police department offices were in the back of this building in a dark area by the woods.

Grimsley and Cook thought it would be best to move the department to the front where they would be more visible with better lighting.

"Last thing I want is one of my officers to be killed because somebody's hiding in the woods back there, ambushes us. That's why I made that decision," Cook said.

"It's fairly dark back there but it's an absolute perfect ambush position," Grimsley said."

Grimsley says he waited until now to make the threat public be use he didn't want the public to panic.

For now, the town's police officers are being told to be aware of anyone suspicious.

A SLED spokesman told us today the investigation is still active.

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