One80 Place launches newly renovated family center

(Source: One80 Place)
(Source: One80 Place)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - One80 Place celebrated the reopening of its Family Center Friday.

"On a daily basis, we were receiving calls from women and families who had no where to go," One80 Place CEO Stacey Denaux said.

 With only 40 beds in the Family Center, One80 Place needed additional capacity to attempt to address this problem, according to Denaux.
Through a grant of $75,000 from SCE&G, as well as a $15,000 grant from Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, One80 Place's Family Center underwent a renovation to increase the center's capacity by 55% from 40 beds to 62 beds designated for women and children.

Unused spaces were converted to accommodate the additional beds as well bathroom facilities and a new, designated area for female Veterans.

"We're seeing more and more female veterans coming with their children so now have a space that's more appropriate," Denaux said.

One80 Place officials said the problem of homelessness in the area is ongoing. City officials shuttered the downtown homeless encampment Tent City last spring, but city leaders said homelessness is nevertheless present.

"Even though we may have been able to relocate the folks that were living in Tent City, it's a community challenge that hasn't gone away," Mayor John Tecklenburg said.

According to the South Carolina Coalition for the Homeless, Charleston County had more than four hundred and sixty people who were homeless in 2016.

Denaux said building additional shelters is a "bandaid" for the larger issue.

"We honestly believe the only answer to homelessness is housing. We have got to address affordable housing in a meaningful way for those who are most vulnerable in our community," Denaux said.

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