City hopes to lower insurance premiums with temporary fire station

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston has opened a temporary, mobile fire station in Cainhoy saying it will lower insurance premiums for homeowners.

The temporary fire station is located on Cainhoy Road.

The fire truck sits under a big tarp and the firefighters stay in a small RV.

"Everybody wonders why we put people in an RV and a temporary shed because we're the fire department and we try to immediately fix problems," Deputy Chief Mark Davis said.

One of those problems is high insurance rates for folks living in parts of Cainhoy that are in the city.

The closest fire station is located off of Clements Ferry Road near I-526.

Any home not located within five miles from a fire station pays higher insurance premiums.

"We have several neighborhoods in this area that they've seen escalating home insurance prices and they're not getting the coverage they deserve from the City of Charleston," Davis said.

Davis says the temporary fire station will bring the insurance premiums down.

That's great news for homeowners like Amanda Gabriel, who lives in the Peninsula subdivision.

"It's a pretty good improvement for a lot of people, people around who struggle," Gabriel said. "We're good, middle income people around here so it will be great."

In a few weeks, the temporary fire station will be moved a few hundred feet away.

Firefighters will stay in a larger mobile home.

Davis says the plan is to open a mini fire station on the site this summer, with the ultimate goal being a permanent fire station when a suitable site is found.

"The amount of buildup in this area has been astounding recently. We're putting people in place to save lives," Davis said.

Davis says beginning Saturday, firefighters will visit neighborhoods to notify homeowners about the temporary fire station and how they will benefit from it being there.

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