Jury selection for Michael Slager federal trial to be held in Columbia

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The jury selection for the upcoming Michael Slager federal trial will be held in Columbia on May 9.

Slager, a former North Charleston police officer, is charged in the April 4, 2015 shooting of Walter Scott who fled a traffic stop.

In an order released on Monday, US District Judge David Norton granted Slager's lawyers' motion to pick jurors from a statewide jury pool.

Slager's defense requested the statewide jury on Jan. 9 claiming it was needed for a fair trial.

The trial is scheduled to started on May 15 in Charleston.

In addition, lawyers are requesting to dismiss the indictment on the grounds of double jeopardy following Slager's mistrial last year in the state case.

The indictment Slager faces in federal court are made up of three counts: deprivation of rights under color of law, use of a weapon during the commission of a crime of violence and obstruction of justice.

The state trial against Slager ended in a mistrial in December when jurors told Judge Clifton Newman they could not come to a unanimous decision of whether Slager was not guilty by reason of self-defense, or guilty of either murder or an alternate charge of voluntary manslaughter.

Slager maintained that he and Scott wound up in a struggle on the ground during which Scott grabbed Slager's Taser, forcing Slager to use deadly force.

His state retrial is currently slated to start in August.

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