Lowcountry businesses impacted by 'Day Without Immigrants' protests

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A nationwide protest against President Donald Trump's immigration policy hit close to home in the Lowcountry with several businesses closing their doors Thursday.

Several businesses along Ashley Phosphate in N. Charleston closed in protest.

"They just want to bring awareness to our communities," advocate Diana Salazar said. "Let it be Muslim, Latinos, people from Nigeria. It's not just a Latino issue. This all undocumented in our state, in South Carolina."

"A Day Without Immigrants" protest involves immigrants, both undocumented and legal, taking part by not going to work or to school, as well as boycotting shopping, even buying gas. The protest, started by a social media grassroots campaign, aimed to show the President immigrants' impact on local communities as well as the economy.

"It's time for Trump to understand,' Salazar said, "There's millions of undocumented here. Putting a wall is not going to solve it. It's making a new immigration law that will provide safety for all the undocumented, and the taxpayers will probably feel better too having people with drivers licenses."

For those boycotting, a loss of a day of work is a small price to pay to make a statement.

"We are part of the labor force, we are part of society, and we just want to make it a better place for our children who are born Americans," Salazar said.

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