New district lines could be coming to CCSD

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County School District parents and community members have learned about possible changes to their students districts.

Districts 4 and 20 could have changes in school attendance zones.

"The proposed plan is to move the line between District 20 the downtown school district and District 4 the North Charleston school district and make them even with the current boundaries of the city of Charleston, the City of North Charleston right now they're not," CCSD Director of Operational Planning Sean Hughes said.

Hughes said there's been an issue when it comes to registration time, and that some parents get confused when their districts don't align with the city they live in.

"We think that the city of Charleston folks going to the city of Charleston District 20 schools and District 4 kids coming from North Charleston, we think that that will in the long run be the best solution for everybody," Hughes said.

Some parents who came out to the community meeting Thursday night said they have some reservations when it comes to their child's school potentially changing.

"That means my daughter who will be a junior will have to transfer from the school she's currently attending and go to school downtown which will probably be Burke High school and all the friends she's known since middle school, and teachers she's grown to love she'd have to leave that all behind and uprooted and transferred to another school," Elizabeth Wright said.

Hughes said the districts would take applications to transfer into schools they were enrolled in before the potential changes happen. For Wright she said that isn't enough to make her feel comfortable.

"It's still not reassuring to me that my children would be able to stay where they are currently attending although they said that you can apply for the transfer," Wright said.

For one parent who owns property in district 4, he said this change would be beneficial to kids living in the area.

"Just makes sense that children who live in the city of Charleston get to go to school in the city of Charleston. You know there's so much benefit to the community when that happens. The same children who go to school together wind up on the same city recreation department team, the parents on the sideline and at the same PTA meetings so there's that sort of overlap of public life. It's a good thing for the community," Jimmy Bailey said.

If the school board decides to move forward with this potential new boundaries, it would have to be approved by the state legislature.

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