City of Charleston releases statement after Confederate flags placed downtown

City of Charleston releases statement after Confederate flags placed downtown
Source: Live 5

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston released a statement after Confederate flags were placed on various buildings and garages in downtown Charleston on Sunday afternoon.

The statement said: "Obviously, the misuse of city garages to fly various flags and banners this afternoon was unexpected," said city spokesman Jack O'Toole. "This notice makes it clear that city garages are for parking, not for these types of public displays, and it applies to any and every one equally."

According to O'Toole, a notice will be placed in all City of Charleston parking garages on Monday. The notice will read: "NOTICE: City of Charleston Parking Garage Regulations Prohibit Signs, Banners, Flags or other Displays that Protrude Through Openings Between Parking Levels, or Upon the Exterior Surfaces Between Parking Levels or that Extend Higher Than the Perimeter Wall on the Top of the Garage. Your Cooperation is Appreciated."

The South Carolina Secessionist Party along with the Carolina Flaggers flew Confederate Flags across downtown Charleston on Sunday.

According to The South Carolina Secessionist Party, they checked with police beforehand and they were told they were within their rights today for the protest.

The group was protesting the College of Charleston's decision to host Bree Newsome as a speaker on Wednesday. Newsome climbed the flag pole at the South Carolina Statehouse to take down the Confederate Flag in June of 2015. She was arrested.

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