Police continue search for man after $24K purse stolen

Picture of the suspect (Source: CPD)
Picture of the suspect (Source: CPD)
Picture of the suspect (Source: CPD)
Picture of the suspect (Source: CPD)
Picture of the accomplices (Source: CPD)
Picture of the accomplices (Source: CPD)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Police are searching for a man after a high-end handbag was taken from a downtown Charleston store.

According to a tweet from the Charleston Police Department, a man wearing a white shirt, black hat and dark-colored pants nabbed a bright yellow crocodile skin purse from the Gucci Store on Market Street on Feb. 17.

The purse — one of only three in existence — is valued at $24,000.

According to an incident report, it was only in town for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.

Officers say surveillance video shows the suspect walk inside the store with a cane and use it to lift the purse off the top shelf, putting it on the floor behind a display case around 1:30 p.m.

After being off screen for thirty seconds, the suspect kneels on the ground, stuffs the purse under his shirt and leaves the business, according to an incident report.

Police say the suspect had been in the store for four minutes the previous day, Thursday, Feb. 16.

In addition, investigators say the suspect had two possible accomplices. Authorities say a couple was inside of the store during the theft and distracted the employees as the suspect stole the purse.

CPD officials said all three of the suspects speak in a Russian accent.

The handbag features a silver horseshoe buckle and bamboo carrying handle. The store only told one person it was in Charleston, officials say.

Investigators released pictures of the suspects as well as the bag.

Anyone with information is asked to call 843-743-7200 and ask for the on-duty CPD detective.

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