Powerball jackpot rises to $403 million, tenth largest in game's history

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - You have a chance to become a millionaire this week —  all you need is just two bucks to play.

If you're not playing, it's not a bad idea to root for someone in the state. If someone in South Carolina wins the jackpot, it helps the state in the form of taxes withheld from the winnings.

The Lottery says the winner's spending helps to stimulate the economy. The retailer that sold the winning ticket receives a $50,000 bonus.

A big Powerball jackpot is also big win for education.

Roughly 43 cents of every $1 spent on a Powerball ticket supports education.

When the jackpot gets high like this, it could mean an additional $2 million to $5 million for the South Carolina Education Lottery.

In September of 2013, $399 million jackpot winning ticket as sold in South Carolina.  We've had seven jackpot winners in total.

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