Residents told neighborhood speed limit unenforceable, city calls it a misunderstanding

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Some residents of a West Ashley neighborhood say were stunned when Charleston Police officers told them they couldn't enforce the 25-mile-per-hour speed limit.

There are two types of speed limit signs in Bolton's Landing. The standard sign which you see in every neighborhood. There's another one that looks much different.

It's that different sign that resident Bart King says caused problems when the neighborhood asked the Charleston Police Department to enforce the speed limit.

"Basically they said since those were not inspected and they don't have the decal then they can't enforce them," he said.

By law, the City of Charleston has to inspect these signs and approve their use before the speed limit can be enforced. Officials say if the signs can't be used, the speed limit automatically goes up to 30 miles per hour.

"Basic speed limit sign posted, should be in compliance, they're not," King said.

The city says the signs are in compliance and that it is just a misunderstanding.

City of Charleston spokesman Jack O'Toole said when speed limit signs are posted in neighborhoods, the signs are reviewed to ensure they meet state and federal requirements.

O'Toole said after the Bolton's Landing residents were told that the signs were unenforceable, the police department asked the city's Department of Traffic and Transportation to review the situation.

O'Toole says the review determined that the speed limit signs "are in fact legal" and that the 25 mph speed limit will be enforced.

King is hoping officers will be watching for speeders.

"Hopefully we can get this resolved now," he said.

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