Charleston proposing moratorium on development to solve W. Ashley flooding problems

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston is proposing a moratorium on development to try to solve flooding problems in parts of West Ashley.

The flooding is occurring in the Church Creek basin.

It's about 5,000 acres and runs from Bees Ferry Road to Glenn McConnell Parkway to the Ashley River.

The basin includes neighborhoods that include Hickory Farms, Hickory Hills and Shadowmoss.

"This home is my little bit of heaven. When it rains it's a nightmare," Hickory Farms resident Terese Soliman said.

Soliman and the other Hickory Farms residents recall the nightmare of going through the hundred year flood and then Hurricane Matthew.

"It was very bad. We had water about two and a half feet right here and it went all the way down to the end of the neighborhood," Major Broaddus said.

"We were boating. I had to evacuate two horses and it was up to their necks," Soliman said.

The City of Charleston feels their pain.

"These are people's homes and so that's a very important thing and we take this very seriously," said Josh Martin, senior adviser to Mayor Tecklenburg.

Martin says during events like hurricanes and major floods drainage systems get swamped.

The city believes more development will bring future flooding.

So the mayor is proposing a halt to development for nine months.

During that time, a consultant will try to figure out what the city needs to do to fix the flooding issue.

"We want to get a second opinion to see if we're on the right target and if there are any solutions that he or she may find that we haven't tested or been aware of to date," Martin said.

The frustrated folks in Hickory Farms are hoping a solution will be found.

"I'm going to put them on hold right now in terms of whether they find a solution. We're gonna stay on top of it," Yvonne Broaddus said.

Charleston City Council is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the proposed halt to development.

The city says homes that already have permits will be allowed to be built.

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