Friends remember 22-year-old motorcyclist killed in Hanahan

Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - Friends are remembering Bryon Leatherwood who was killed in an accident involving a vehicle on Saturday.

Two motorcyclist died last week from accidents. In the past two months there have been at least seven motorcycle vehicle accidents in the Lowcountry that have resulted in a total of four motorcyclist deaths. 

The Corner says Leatherwood died after colliding with a vehicle while riding his motorcycle on Railroad Avenue behind Trident Technical College. Hanahan Police arrested and charged the driver of the vehicle with felony DUI resulting in death and for having an open container of beer. 

Darrell Hampton and Rob Poston were friends with Leatherwood. They say their friendship started through the love of riding motorcycles. 

"Extremely sad, not really knowing how to take it," Hampton said.

Poston was roommates with Leatherwood. They were riding motorcycles as a group to a friend's house on Saturday. Poston says Leatherwood got ahead of the group and they ended up taking different routes.

"We got to the destination we realized he wasn't there, something was wrong and actually we circled back around." Poston said.

When they circled back they found him at the scene of the accident.

"You have that fear of it, just like you get in the car and have the fear," Poston said.

He says when riding on his motorcycle he has to drive defensive because drivers are often distracted. 

"I don't think I'm scared to get on the bike, it'll just take me some time," Hampton said.

Highway Patrol urges drivers to share the road with motorcyclists and to be alert. They also tell motorcyclist to dress for a crash not for the ride by covering up, wearing a jacket, pants, boots and a helmet.

"Look out, watch out, everything can't be prevented but you can do your best to pay attention," Poston said. 

Motorcycle deaths occur 27 times more often than fatalities in other vehicles according to the 2014 national fatal crash data. 

"Riders be smart, do what we need to do, pay attention, really pay attention," Hampton said.

Leatherwood and his friends often hung out at the Madra Rua Irish Pub in Summerville. 

Today workers left an open seat and set the table with a reserved sign in memory of him.

Leatherwood was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.His friends say they often traveled in groups so they would be louder and more noticeable to drivers on the road.

Highway Patrol reports that there have been eight motorcycle fatalities in our state this year. Authorities are still investigation the accident.

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