Joint Base Charleston confirms 3 travel-related Zika cases

Joint Base Charleston confirms 3 travel-related Zika cases

Three cases of the Zika virus have been confirmed at Joint Base Charleston in service members who had traveled abroad.

Base officials say the three service members traveled in December and each was seen by their primary physician after exhibiting Zika-like symptoms.

"Each patient has received instructions on what they need to do to avoid transmission of Zika to others, and we are fully confident these patients do not pose a health threat to the local population," base spokesperson Marvin Krause said.

All of the infections are believed to have happened outside of the United States.

Krause said public health officials at JB Charleston's 628th Medical Group have been monitoring mosquito populations and are screening for Zika in all blood donations.

"We will continue to work together and closely coordinate with our local public health and state officials regarding Zika-related activities such as integrated vector surveillance, control plans, and education of local community members on protective measures," he said. "The safety and health of our service members and their families and all of our installation residents, patrons and personnel remain our top priority. Local commanders will keep their communities informed of health threats and prudent action to keep our service members, civilian employees, and family members safe."

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