Zoo: 9-year-old giraffe dies after becoming entangled

Zoo: 9-year-old giraffe dies after becoming entangled

ASHEBORO, NC (WCSC) - A 9-year-old female giraffe died at the North Carolina Zoo after becoming entangled in an engagement item, officials said.

Jamili was found unresponsive in her living quarters early Tuesday morning, according to a release from the zoo.

"We are saddened to report that Jamili died after she accidentally became entangled in a mental and physical engagement item used with our giraffe herd," a release states. "This enrichment item, and others like it, had been used for many years with our giraffe herd without incident."

Zoo officials did not provide a description of the item.

Jamili, a reticulated giraffe, was born May 30, 2008 at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She came to the North Carolina Zoo in March 2009, the release states.

Jamili was known for her "easy-going personality," and gave birth to one female calf, Juma, in 2012. Juma is now at the Maryland Zoo and last month gave birth to a female calf of her own.

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