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House rejects effort to block local bans on plastic bags

(Source: Live 5) (Source: Live 5)

The House narrowly rejected a bill barring local restrictions on plastic bags as coastal Republicans argued the state shouldn't dictate what municipalities can or can't do to protect sea life and the local economy.
A 50-49 vote to continue the bill means the House can't debate the legislation again until next year.
The bill would have barred local governments from restricting plastic bags or other single-use containers, such as foam take-home boxes or cups.
So far, only Isle of Palms and Folly Beach have restricted the bags. Conservationists contend the bags litter the state's waterways, and the plastic bits consumed by sea turtles and fish harm the entire food chain.
The bill's sponsor, Rep. Eric Bedingfield of Belton, argued that's the fault of people, not the bags.

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