Signs targeting possible drug informant surface in the Lowcountry

Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - Signs have surfaced in southern Charleston County that apparently are targeting a drug informant.

Chances are you wouldn't notice the sign on Highway 162 near Highway 174 in Adams Run unless someone told you it was there.

The sign was on a piece of plywood nailed to a tree.

On it someone spray painted the words of someone's name who "ratted out all crack dealers."

The name of the person has been covered by spray paint.

The sign is located near a produce stand and an abandoned business.

"I'm appalled at that right there seeing seeing that down in my area around here, Adams Run," resident Elijah Dent said." "We don't have that type of problem in this area.

We soon learned this was not the only sign. On our way to Hollywood, we saw a second similar sign.

This one was at the intersection of Highways 162 and 164.

It had the same words as the first one.

Again, someone spray painted over the name of the supposed informant.

We took photos of the two signs and showed them to folks in Hollywood.

"I'm always concerned about drug dealers and anything that goes on like that around here," resident Frank Linen said. "I've lived here for over 70 years. We like to try to keep it a clean town."

We reached out to the Charleston County Sheriff's Office to find out if they knew about the signs.

A spokesman said they didn't.

Maj. Eric Watson says his office is concerned about any criminal activity.

He said public safety is a community effort that includes "reporting illegal activity to authorities."

Some people who haven't seen the signs applaud the drug informant, whoever he or she may be.

"Somebody needs to in my opinion, somebody needs to rat them out," Eric Phillips said.

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