Flowertown Elementary School students learning through real world experience

Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Flowertown Elementary School in Dorchester District 2 known as the busy bees is buzzing with activity.

For the next few weeks the school is exposing students to different career options.

The schools student run TV station is known to the students as WBEE TV

On Thursday morning, the students prepared to record a broadcast of their widely popular morning show Bee News.

"We read over our script a lot and we will think we are good then we will mess up and we will have to read it over two more times," says school anchor Isabelle Bennett.

The station made up of 5th graders has the feel of a real broadcast and is something morning anchor Caroline Beck looks forward to.

"It's fun being able to act like I have a job that grown ups have" says Beck.

Curriculum facilitator Jessica Farnsworth says the morning show is very hands on.

Farnsworth says the show is one of the many ways the school gets the kids directly involved.

The 20 minute morning show includes the pledge, events going on around the school along with the days lunch menu, the busy bee rap and a daily dose of fitness segment to get student bees ready to work.

The student anchors even made Aisha Tyler their special guest for the day on the show.

"Keeping students informed gives them a sense of pride,"says Farnsworth.

The job has also made the kids celebrities at school.

"It's a fun job to do its cool and I like doing it," says cameraman Joseph Kromphold.

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