Dead cats, wild dogs have residents on James Island worried

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - A James Island neighborhood is keeping their eyes peeled for a pack of dogs who they say killed a family's two cats.

"They went over my neighbors fence, they saw the cats is what happened. They came over the fence and they came on the cats pretty quick because they couldn't get away," said Jerry Alverson lives in the Julian Clark neighborhood.

His two cats were killed last week after four dogs killed his cats.

"Both my cats had been torn apart and slung in my backyard. It was awful," Alverson said.

Alverson has a fence surrounding his yard, ranging from four to six feet in height.

Several neighbors said they saw the dogs jumping from fence to fence going from one yard to another.

"This is not the first time they have killed people's cats. Terry a friend of ours has seen them in her neighborhood and they kill cats, that's what they do. I think it's a matter of time before they hurt a child," Alverson said.

Alverson and his neighbors said the Charleston County Sheriff's Department responded, but said animal control was gone for the day.

Alverson said the dogs then got away and his two cats were left for dead.

He said ever since last Friday when the pack of dogs jumped over his fence things haven't been easy.

"It''s been pretty tough and both of them are lap cats and I love lap cats, especially TC. I called him TC for Tom Cat and he loved to sit in my lap," Alverson said. "So it's been pretty hard on the family."

The Charleston County Sheriff's Department said they haven't received any reports for a pack of dogs or animal control calls.

Alverson and his neighbors said they've still been waiting for animal control to follow up on last Friday's incident.

If you see a pack of dogs that seem dangerous you should call animal control and do not approach the animals.

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