Man looking for driftwood for kids aquarium finds cannonball instead

Source: Phillip Bozzelli
Source: Phillip Bozzelli

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - A Lowcountry man looking for some driftwood for his kids ended up finding a cannonball instead.

Phillip Bozzelli was on his lunch break walking along Folly Beach Monday afternoon when he spotted something where the old Coast Guard base and Fort Wagner used to be.

"I immediately knew it was a cannonball," Bozzelli said."I had seen pictures of cannonballs washing up on our beaches. It was very obvious what it was though."

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Bozzelli's first thought when he found it was to take it home.

"But then I didn't want to have basically a loaded bomb anywhere near my kids," he said."So I decided to call public safety and let them handle it."

Bozzelli, who looks for fossils around Charleston, said he believes the recent storm might have washed some of the sand from the cannonball and exposed it.

"I found it in the middle of a bunch of trees falling over," he said."The storm washes all kinds of cool stuff up."

After Bozzelli found the cannonball he took some pictures, including a selfie with the artillery shell.

He says he also picked it up out of the sand and moved it so he could get more pictures and see how heavy it was.

Bozzelli then called the public safety department and led emergency crews to his find.

"They cleared the beach and I went back to work," he said.

Authorities had closed a portion of the beach as crews worked the scene with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office EOD responding to the scene.

Bozzelli said it was an "awesome" experience to find the cannonball since he has visited that portion of Folly on numerous occasions, whether it be camping with friends or fishing.

He says he's planning to return with some company.

"I'm hoping to take my kids out there to explore this coming weekend if weather allows," Bozzelli said.

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