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Company: Wrong name led to erroneous background check for volunteer coach


Company officials say a wrong name provided to them led to an erroneous background check for a man with prior convictions who was allowed to volunteer as a coach in North Charleston.

Southeastern Security Consultants say the City of North Charleston initially asked for a background check this past October for the name "Donnimechia Singleton" instead of Domnimechia Singleton.

According to city officials, that search indicated there were pending charges and not convictions for Singleton.

City of North Charleston officials say when Singleton filled out his application he wrote the name Donnimechia in two spots on the form.

After Live 5 News did a story on Singleton, the City of North Charleston requested another background check, this time with Singleton's real name which led to a report showing Singleton's prior convictions.

According to records, Singleton has a rap sheet that goes back to 2007.

On Feb. 10, Charleston County deputies arrested Singleton after a traffic stop. According to court papers, they found cocaine, marijuana and unlawful prescription pills in his car. A magistrate set Singleton's bond at $400,000 on those charges.

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