North Charleston neighborhood sees promise in future playground

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - A North Charleston neighborhood that's been working to fight crime is seeing promise in plans for a new community playground.

North Charleston Finance Committee will consider a resolution Thursday to purchase two plots of land in the Dorchester-Waylyn neighborhood along Olympia St. to outfit as a play and park area.
"The parcels sit at the corner of Olympia Avenue and Gary Drive and are relatively central to the neighborhood, making it an ideal location for a park," North Charleston City spokesperson Ryan Johnson said in an email.  "Previously, there was a dilapidated home on one of the parcels, which the city placed a lien on and demolished.  The corner lot still has a dilapidated home on it, which needs to be torn down."
Neighborhood groups have been working in Dorchester-Waylyn throughout the past year to combat crime.

For Neighborhood Association President, Tanang Williams, the park symbolizes a good move for the community.
"We do get the reports. They go up and down, but again, we're working on them. We meet people where they are," Williams said. "We don't claim to have a solution to every problem but we just try to work on what we can and stay positive on what we do."
Williams said it's an especially important development for local kids.
"It's going to be a big change from what they have now. And it'll equal them having some place to go, a safe place to go and do things," Williams said. "That the Residents see some change in the neighborhood that the kids have some place to play and gather and feel safe. That's going to be a real good thing."
North Charleston City Council member Dorothy Williams, who spearheaded the park plans with city council, called the plan a "win for a win."
A community park is "something they never had, something they needed," Williams said. "All of this is going to be so positive."
Williams said she's pushing for a groundbreaking on the play space in May to ensure the area is ready for kids this summer. "That's a promise," she said.
The finance committee will consider the recommendation to purchase the 2676 and 2678 Olympia St. lots at its committee meeting Thursday. The owners of both properties could not be reached for comment Wednesday.
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