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State paid more than $6k for witness in Michael Slager case

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Newly released court documents show the state paid a little more than $6600 for the man who witnessed the shooting involving a North Charleston Police officer.

Feidin Santana shot cell phone video when Michael Slager shot and killed Walter Scott after a traffic stop in 2015. 

The money paid to Santana included hotel, flight, transportation fees, and a per diem.

Slager's first trial ended in a mistrial in December. His state retrial is scheduled to begin in August. 

Slager's attorneys requested the information as part of his retrial.

In a motion filed on Wednesday, Slager's attorneys asked the court to direct state prosecutors to give a detailed report on all incentives of any kind including "finiancial payments and/or reimbursements" made to Santana. 

According to lawyers, they filed 23 motions before Slager's state trial that the state provide that information. 

On March 14, the solicitor gave a document detailing the payments made to Santana. 

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