Police: Driver had "medical event", drove into Applebee's restaurant

Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - North Charleston Police say a man crashed into the Applebee's restaurant on Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston.

Authorities say the driver of a Ford pickup truck had a 'medical event' while driving on Ashley Phosphate near Patriot Boulevard and struck several cars before ending up at the Applebee's.

No one inside of the restaurant was injured, but several people were injured in their vehicles. First responders took them to hospital.

Joetta Brown and her friends were sitting in the same spot where the struck came through the wall of the restaurant.

"We had just sat down and placed our order," Brown said.

They moved seconds before the truck hit. Brown had heard the other collisions and saw the driver coming at them.

"It came barreling through the parking lot and it headed straight for where we were sitting," Brown said. "So all I could do was yell 'everybody get up it's coming right for us it's coming right for us.'"

She jumped up with her friends to get out of the way.

"This is an experience I wouldn't wish on anybody," she said.

Cyrus Champagne was one of the multiple drivers involved in the wreck. He was traveling on Ashley Phosphate.

"He crossed pretty much all of the six lanes, so he hit about two or three other cars on this side and then he came on to my side, he hit the back of me," Champagne said.

Police say after that the driver went through the parking lot of the Sunoco gas station next door and crashed into the Applebee's. One of Brown's friend had a seven-year-old son at their table.

"She had to push him out of the way in order for her to get out of the way," Brown said. "She got stuck under some rubble and we all pulled her out."

But it wasn't just her, Brown's friend is also nine months pregnant. Her due date is next Friday.

"God had his angels watching out for us," she said.

Though their shaken up, they're all thankful to be alive.

The City of North Charleston Police Department is investigating the wreck.

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