Some area Meals on Wheels programs could see funding cuts

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Meals on Wheels programs around the nation are at risk of losing funding.

The Trump Administration's 2018 budget proposal would cut $3 billion allocated to the Community Block gr ant Program.

We have to reached Meals on Wheels locations in the Lowcountry to see if they will be impacted by the potential budget cuts.

Meals on Wheels of Charleston could feel an impact. 

Donna Cook, the Executive Director of the Charleston Area Senior Citizens released the following statement Tuesday:

"Our agency –like most – is dependent on Federal and State funds for a large percentage of  our budget.  Meals on Wheels of Charleston serves 600 meals a day- over 161,000 meals a year- a total budget of more than $600,000.

The East Cooper Meals on Wheels won't be affected, officials say.

The organization's leaders say their funding generally comes from community donations, fund raising and private gr ants.

They do not rely on federal funding – a reason they would not be affected by the potential cuts.

Hundreds of elderly in the community have meals thanks to volunteers with the East Cooper Meals on Wheels Program.

The organization delivers to those in the community who can't prepare a meal for themselves.

Those in the community volunteer on a daily basis—delivering meals and checking on the residents they serve.

Their efforts help with the three biggest threats among the aging and those in recovery from serious injury or illness -- hunger, isolation and loss of independence.

300 people are served on a daily basis and East Cooper Meals on Wheels provide more than 400 meals each day. The organization buys their food from Senior Catering and the Lowcountry Food Bank.

The Summerville Meals on Wheels are a community-sponsored group and they do not get any government funds, the director said. They will not be affected.

We'll let you know if other locations get back to us.

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